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 How to make an Orgasm?

                                            Steamier Sex Diet

Too often, a typical romantic meal consists of heavy dose of wine and fatty stuffs, followed by a rich chocolate dessert -- the perfect recipe for sleep, not sex. The best way to keep those off is to keep it light. By following low-fat, low-cholesterol Steamier Sex Diet and getting plenty of exercise (to improve overall health -- as well as blood flow to the sex organs), you and your mate can enjoy a healthy sex life for many years to come. Here's how:

• If it's good for your overall health, it's good for sex, too.

• Aphrodite was said to have been born from the sea, so many types of seafood have reputations as aphrodisiacs. This food plan includes tasty seafood options sure to stir up the senses.

• Many types of seafood have plenty of nourishments. This food plan includes tasty seafood options sure to stir up the senses.

• Spices such as curry, cumin and cayenne warm the body. This diet includes entrees with enough spice to heat things up.

Option One:
Strawberries dipped in powdered sugar
Fresh squeezed orange juice

Option Two:
Grapefruit halves topped with maraschino cherry
Smoked salmon on toasted bagels with fat-free cream cheese, red onion and lettuce
Fresh brewed coffee

Option Three:
Glorious pancakes
Fresh berries
Grapefruit juice

Option One:
Strawberry passion soup
Assorted cheeses with whole grain crackers
Asparagus salad with citrus vinaigrette
Fresh pears

Option Two:
Salad nicoise
Tuscan grilled garlic bread
Fat-free chocolate fudge brownies

Option Three:
French bread pizza
Assorted olives
Fresh sliced apples with nuts and dried fruits

Option One:
Oyster bienvielle
Mixed green salad
Crusty sourdough bread
Poached pears

Option Two:
Chicken sauteed with artichokes
Warm parmesan bread sticks
Green salad
Fresh berries dipped in chocolate

Option Three:
Luscious lobster tail
Spinach salad
Warm dinner rolls
Low-fat chocolate flan

Start eating the breakfasts, lunches and dinners that will steam up your sex life.

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