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About Us

Welcome Lovers!

On behalf of all team members here, I -Nitin Malhotra - welcome you all to the world of some of the most exciting and quality dating service resources you can ever wish to see.
In today's world, where the advent of Internet has spanned boundaries one can't imagine how this medium can be used to meet some of the most interesting people, irrespective of where they are, right sitting in your bedroom. Being myself an avid follower of this phrase - "LOVE MAKES LIFE LIVE", I was toying with this idea of promoting and servicing "Lovers", seeking for that 'right' mate, using this mammoth and defining medium. After years of research and months of hard work from my valued team, I have now realised my dream with

AASHIQUEE - means "LOVE". "CARING" for other people and understanding their personality and emotions, is what makes "AASHIQUEE" and defines the very purpose of this site.
You dont need to be fed-up of being alone anymore. can help you find your true love or partner. "Ek Sanam Chahiye Aashiquee ke liye" means "I want a mate for Aashiquee or a mate for love"---Say and Search at Get to understand each other 'closely'. More importantly, it is ABSOLUTELY FREE to use site and aims to serve people from all age groups, globally !

Since its inception in 2004,I have had such a wonderful response from visitors that it even caught me by surprise. There were suggestions, criticisms, accolades and it is really very heartening to find that my site has been able to achieve my principle objective, although it maybe in a small way for now.
Being such a vast resource that Internet is today, providing quality and up-to-date information (especially for starters) makes a high difference. And we sincerely believe that treating us as part of your family and providing your valued, unbiased and bottom-of-the-heart suggestions, criticisms, and accolades would truly facilitate us in making this site that much more beneficial. After all, it will ultimately be useful for users like you only.

Hope you'll enjoy the resources and be able to find your right mate.





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