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"Ek Sanam Chahiye Aashiquee ke liye..." means "I want a soul mate for Aashiquee or for love". Have you ever thought as to what will be those traits which will trigger your choice of dream soul mate? These traits should be permanent ones to avoid eating your own words kind of situations in future. After all its a question of living with your mate for life. For example you may find a person very gentle and soft-spoken which is to your absolute liking. But after being with your mate for years you should not end up feeling that you made a mistake and hence paying the price of living a life not to your liking.
Love cannot be just emotional. It has to go with physical as well as intellectual choices. Use your thought and instincts 'actively' and you might increase your chances of living with your right soul mate happily for ever.

Knowing how to choose a partner wisely is largely determined by how well you know yourself. You must convincingly answer yourself with questions like who you are? what you are? why you are? etc......You may end up taking time to be thorough with these but its a small price to pay for true love. Once you know your personality traits, interests and preferences, hobbies, educational background, professional and financial goals go all out to seek the same for your 'perfect partner'. Be reasonable as you may not find an absolute match, as life can never be perfect. SO ensure you know what areas you can overlook and adjust.

Hope these facts will help all you soul mate seekers in gaining the right perspective to finding your match before you make your choice. So wishing you all the very best in your partner searching endeavor.

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