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How to Write a Personal Ad - For Men

Obviously catching someone’s attention is an ‘art’ in itself and requires good communication skills and understanding of human tendencies. SO it doesn’t come as a surprise to me when the most frequent complaints men have about internet dating are that women don't respond to their ads or their e-mail. Of course there cannot be sure shot way to avoid these, as we are dealing with humans, but following few simple guidelines while writing both your free ad and your responses to women’s ads can definitely generate interest among fairer sex.

Basic Guidelines - to writing Effective Personal Ads

l) BE HONEST. Never hide the facts of your life. Honesty need not be over-stated, especially when it comes to Internet dating. It may be possible that you may be having a personal turmoil in your life and needing a partner who will be matured and understanding to you. Allow the other person to make informed decisions about you and their likes and dislikes. And can only be possible if you make a true representation about yourself.

Dishonesty is the fastest way to ruin your life and being honest is the best prevention from being terribly embarrassed sooner or later. And if you are a very emotional person, it may even lead to some terrible emotional breakdowns.

Simple catch is: allow others to love you as you are and who you are.

2) MAKE A ‘PUNCH'. You need real attention to compete amongst thousands of soul mate seekers. You need to understand as to what it takes to attract opposite sex and what could be the best representation of you in a single sentence.

‘Punch’ are small attention-grabbing USP’s of yourself which needs to be your description headline. You need to be original and different which demands reading at least once. This may require you to check-out the competitions and various successful ads.

‘Punch’ can be best used as a great representation of what you are. Like if you have a fabulous sense of  humor or a very intellectual personality, use this space to convey appropriately.

3) BE SPECIFIC. You know who you are and what you want.. tell them about it! It is a logical conclusion that to get quality responses from fairer sex, seeking their Mr. Right, knowing and understanding every aspect of you and appreciating the same would be the ones you will be interested in. Tell them every aspect of your likes and dislikes and not without reasons. Every individual will have their likes and dislikes but letting know your reasons would facilitate the other person in understanding you as a person and making an informed and thoughtful decision.

4) BE POSITIVE. Providing all aspects of your, including your likes and dislikes, is important but at the same time presenting it in your natural exuberance with positive outlook to life will work strongly for you. Negativity repels. How about an offer from a counseling service? Yes, that’s what you may end up into because you probably won't attract your soul mate.

5) PERFECTION. As the saying goes - First impression is the best impression. And if you don’t believe in this, don’t read any further. Try to present your ad with as much perfection as possible. For example avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes. Even seek for a professional’s guidance if required. I wont recommend you to take any chances and advise you to put your best foot forward.

One aspect which cannot be over-stated!! BE HONEST, BE HONEST, BE HONEST.

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